2017 Change Ready Meeting Package to Address Year of The Unexpected Anxieties

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Responding to lingering anxiety about the volume and impact of disruption in the year ahead, offsite meeting center Workspring in Chicago’s Loop is offering a special Change Ready Meeting Package to help business leaders refocus on 2017 priorities and improve their team’s ability to embrace coming change.

“2017 is being called the ‘year of the unexpected’ as change and disruption become the norm across many industries,” says Workspring General Manager Danielle Galmore. “In times like these company executives need to spend highly focused time grappling with uncertainty. They need to re-evaluate their 2017 priorities, train their leaders to become more agile to respond to that uncertainty and prepared for different outcomes.”

“We’re seeing an uptick in companies calling to book meetings now, in the next 30 days, versus longer-term schedules, which suggests business leaders need to regroup and reframe the coming year,” adds Galmore.

Workspring’s special 2017 “Change Ready” Meeting Package (offered through March 30) includes traditional meeting room accommodations tailored to the audience and number of participants plus:

  • Group exercises to form a change mindset
  • Access to professional facilitators with expertise in organizational leadership, innovation and change management to help structure and lead mission-critical discussions
  • Team building activity ideas to help participants improve communication and working relationships to weather uncertainty
  • Frameworks to help teams generate, capture and structure their new ideas
  • Complimentary digital data capture to enable teams to get to work faster on the meeting’s short-term wins
  • A Happy Hour where participants can celebrate progress and leave in a positive mood

Costs of the “Change Ready” session follow Workspring’s usual per person price model and can be booked by calling (800) 605-9092.

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