Can’t Stop Snacking at Work? Tips on Beating the Habit


By Sayeh Pezeshki, Turnstone

The office kitchen, stocked full of snacks and sodas, is a temptation to every busy professional. But you don’t have to give in to the temptation. If you can’t stop snacking at work, here are some tips to conquer your to-do list and feel good about yourself by beating the snacking habit.


1. Bring your own healthy snacks. A great tip for bringing healthy snacks to work is to cut and wash your fruits and vegetables on the weekend. You can pre-slice your fruit and seal it in zip-lock bags. Doing this helps manage serving sizes too!

2. Chew gum. One of the main reasons we love to snack at work is to distract us from the work at hand or to help calm our nerves. One of the best ways to prevent this is to chew gum.

3. Drink lots of water. This may seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many busy professionals barely drink one glass of water during the day. Make sure to keep a re-usable water bottle at your office desk. This will encourage you to take breaks to fill it up and will also suppress that feeling of hunger. If you can’t stand the taste of water, add a zing of flavor by tossing in slices of fruit.


How do you beat snacking at the office? Let us know!

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