New Innovation Studio at Workspring!

We know that innovation isn’t something businesses do; it’s something people do. And Workspring’s Innovation Studio gives people every opportunity to succeed. The ability to innovate—seeing new opportunities and harnessing the resources to pursue them—is a major advantage for any organization. But how do you actually make innovation happen? It’s a common question.

innovation studio – auditorium setup

At Workspring, we discovered there is also a pretty common problem. While listening to our customers and unpacking Steelcase research on innovation, we realized that most people don’t have access to the resources that inspire teams and enable breakthrough thinking.

That’s why we created the Innovation Studio. It’s our most groundbreaking space to date and an ideal stage for the critical research, analysis, synthesis, and testing that will supercharge your organization’s growth.

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innovation studio 

The Innovation Studio is designed to help your team focus with tools, technology, and space purpose-built for innovation.

We take pride in Work Hospitality®—uncovering, understanding, and serving your mission-critical objectives. Before your meeting, we’ll discuss ways to stage the day for success, from seating arrangements that support your goals to purposeful breaks in the agenda. When your group arrives, we’ll help people remained focused with robust support.

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