Double Robotics: Join Your Colleagues from Anywhere



Do you need to be somewhere else in the world without flying there? Need to give a tour of your office in Asia? Want to join a colleague remotely for a brainstorm session? Workspring’s Chicago location recently added a new element that allows you to do just that.

Welcome our new feature: Double Robotics!

Double allows you to freely move and participate in conversations at any location in the world. The robot only weighs 15 pounds, making it easy to relocate by hand. Double is an iPad-based telepresence robot, and you can adjust the height remotely – whether sitting or standing – to match the person on the other end of the receiver.

Double is simple to use
Double is Bluetooth enabled and activated through an iPad. To start the robot, download the app called “Double Robotics” and create a username and password. Once logged in, the driver’s iPad will display all of your Doubles in the world on the screen. The same app, username and password is used for driver’s iPad and the robot’s iPad.  The accessibility and user-friendly traits of the robot make remote communication fluid, simple, and enjoyable – helping you stay in touch with coworkers and clients.

To access Workspring’s Double for a tour of Workspring or to talk to a colleague in our space, please contact us at our Chicago location for the username and password. To discover more about Double Robotics, click here.


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