Innovative Examples of Accomplishments at Workspring

Read what some of our clients had to say about their experience at Workspring:


“We needed space designed to engage clients in a way that makes it uniquely Speakeasy. When we discovered Workspring, it was like a match made in heaven.”

How so? Workspring:

  • Matches the “Tiffany level” quality of the Speakeasy brand
  • Designed for the way people work, to be comfortable and productive
  • Delivers against exacting standards, top-notch attention to detailAmbiance, concierge services, technologies deliver a world-class experience

“The client experience at Workspring has consistently been perfect for the two years we’ve been using the space. We are a difficult client, but the attention to detail is always there. For me as the CEO of Speakeasy to say the space is perfect is saying a lot. That’s a word I don’t use often!”

– Scott Weiss, CEO

“Workspring is the only facility we’ve returned to multiple times.”
Why? Because Workspring is:

  • Truly dedicated to meetings
  • Convenient, with a bright, modern vibe
  • Always prepared, anticipating every need

“For us, being in a space like Workspring — together with all of our agency partners from both coasts in a room face-to-face — is super impactful.”
– Diane Saylor, Director, Brand Experience


“We met at Workspring at the start of 2016 strategic planning with our integrated brand teams.”

  • The space worked very well
  • Brought different functions together to focus on the business
  • Gave room for breaks and important side discussions where new thoughts emerged and ideas sparked

Compared to other locations we’ve tried, Workspring:

  • Was most creative
  • Staff intuitively knew what to provide
  • Paid attention to every detail — so many things we didn’t have to coordinate

“I felt that having our meeting there did improve our business outcomes.”
– Commercial Director, Chicago Area Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

“We run at 100 miles per hour every day with a lot to accomplish. When I get the opportunity to gather my team for an offsite meeting, it’s a joy and a pleasure to think together and come away with our heads full of ideas and a strong sense of camaraderie.”

  • Brings the best out of people
  • Takes the time to be creative and thoughtful
  • Fosters team spirit
  • Makes the team open up and collaborate with each other.

“Being there helped us achieve positive results and benefited our team. When you accomplish that, it has long-lasting benefits for the team’s performance, and for the company. “
– Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Marketing Officer


Workspring helps teams unlock their true potential, providing business leaders with innovative offsite meeting experiences purposefully designed and hosted to produce breakthrough results that drive business forward. Contact us to discover more about elevating your team to innovative levels – call us today! 800 605 9092.


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