4 Key Planning Tips for Meetings

Workspring is a product of over 100 years of Steelcase research on work behaviors and environments. These insights come to life in our spaces, where we take a human-centered approach to uncovering, understanding, and serving how people really work.

Stage The Day

Schedule a “stage the day” tour before your next meeting or training session. Connect with venue staff to plan critical details—from the agenda to room sets and props. You can iron out details to best support your needs, like incorporating purposeful breaks or dietary restrictions. Finally, plan how you will celebrate a great meeting or training. This can provide huge dividends on your meeting investment.


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Meeting Space

For full- and multi-day meetings, find a space that conforms to your needs. Having a flexible, customizable space sets the right tone and provides a transition from your office. Be mindful about the types of furniture you decide to use. Soft seating is perfect for laid back conversations and out-of-the-box thinking, whereas tables with executive, ergonomic chairs are the top choice for focused discussions and decision-making.

Elledge_130107_3141_SC_WS_3801Public & Private

When you venture offsite, look for a place that supports meaningful breaks for activities like phone calls and breakout sessions. Establishing and distinguishing these areas from the meeting space supports critical tasks, both “private” and “public.” It’s important to recognize, not ignore, the realities of each participant’s work day.


Elledge_130108_3141_SC_WS_5676Purposeful Interruptions

Have you ever felt stressed when breaking for lunch or ending a meeting? In your office, you might write “save” on the whiteboard and come back to the work later, while it’s easy to feel like the work you do at an offsite stays off-site. But venue staff can help! Consider incorporating a “purposeful disruption,” like bringing in snacks as a signal to wrap up conversation. Some venues also provide options to capture your work, like Workspring’s Digital Data Capture services.


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