Overcome Meeting Pitfalls with Facilitation

Do a few people dominate your meeting conversation and some don’t participate at all? Are there frequent distractions or diversions from the agenda? Are meeting objectives unmet? If these common meeting pitfalls resonate with you and your team, it’s time to try facilitation!

As part of Workspring’s Work Hospitality initiative, we are proud to offer professional facilitation to serve your mission-critical objectives for high-impact meeting and training sessions. To make things really simple, you’ll receive one Workspring invoice, which includes your meeting and the facilitation services.

Each meeting or training session is unique. All of our facilitators are thoughtfully selected to form a diverse range of professionals—and vetted by our customers or our parent company, Steelcase, Inc. Your specific needs will help determine which professional is best suited to facilitate your session. Learn more about Workspring’s Facilitation services or facilitator qualifications here.







Ruben Ocampo, Conic Group
Ruben is a designer and strategic facilitator who helps leaders imagine and enact visionary change by engaging them in a purposeful and meaningful dialogue.







Sudhakar Lahade, Steelcase Inc.
With 15+ years of experience in corporate, education, and consulting environments, Sudhakar is an architect, researcher, and design thinker involved in innovation and business strategy.

Shawn M

Shawn Merritt, Huron Associates
Shawn helps clients accelerate organizational success by facilitating development of strategies, structures, metrics, and capabilities to position organizations for tomorrow and beyond.


Phil Corse, Kellogg School of Management
Phil is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management, with facilitating experience in marketing-led innovation, new product development, and global marketing.

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