Here's how Workspring makes meetings work.

From our team and tools to the furniture and even the food, every inch of our space is an outgrowth of research-supported insights, all designed to help your team perform.

About the Presenter

Bill Hickman is progress, personified. As former Chief Growth Officer for one of the world’s largest advertising firms, he has been a creative collaborator with many Fortune 500 companies. He understands the responsibility that comes with leading a company-defining meeting as well as the importance of capitalizing on the momentum a well-planned meeting can inspire.

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The Research

Want detailed explanations of why we think the way we do? Below, find whitepapers and articles that address the subjects of the videos and helped drive the Invite Progress initiative

The insights behind "Stage spectacular meetings"

It’s not “new news” that companies are striving to find more innovative ways to get the most out of their employees—especially when it comes to collaboration. However, new research has further confirmed “the myth of the lone genius achieving one eureka after another in a closed room is a cartoonish, outdated cliché.” In our case, Workspring is extending that research to each and every one of our workspaces—from flexible room arrangements and customizable room dividers to multiple hi-def screens, video conferencing capabilities and furnishings that inspire creativity. In short, we optimize space and place to set the stage for real, measurable progress. Learn more about “How Place Fosters Innovation” by reading the whitepaper.

The insights behind "You meet how you eat"

Lackluster meal choices have come to be a given at offsite meetings. This defies what we’ve all heard our whole lives—you are what you eat. When we designed Workspring, we reviewed extensive research on how food influences the way we feel and act. That, in turn, influenced the foods we serve at Workspring, which are carefully planned to ensure you get the most out of your days with us. Learn more about our approach to offsite-meeting meal planning in this post.

The insights behind "The calm before the brainstorm"

We’re in the age of information overload. Even in our professional settings, potential distractions are ever-present. How do you avoid the noise and set yourself apart? New research says that re-thinking neuroscience may be the next competitive advantage. At Workspring, we take proprietary research on group dynamics and spatial design, and partner with innovation leaders to craft meetings and schedules that shape how you and your team think, write and meet. All in the name of better outcomes. To learn how you can “Think Better,” read Issue 70 of Steelcase’s 360 Magazine.

The insights behind "Meeting time is money"

Offsite meetings are often connected to critically important moments in time for the companies running them; moments that cry out for meeting participants to focus on problem-solving and think beyond their day-to-day jobs. Still, the distractions and time-sucks of the daily workplace manage to slip into these all-important events. At Workspring, we draw on research and provide you with a skilled support team to create a meeting experience that eliminates wasted time and facilitates the best possible outcomes. Learn more about our holistic philosophy of “Work Hospitality” in 360 Magazine.

The insights behind "Recruiting your all-stars"

The recent Steelcase Global report on Engagement and The Workplace talks about the importance of employee control over where and how individuals and teams work to maximize employee engagement. But our research doesn’t stop there. Coming soon we’ll be releasing a new whitepaper which looks specifically at the needs of corporate all-stars and challenges us to help design a workplace and workspace experience which consistently supports their top-tier performance. Check back for more updates.

The insights behind "Mastering momentum"

Successful meetings at Workspring? Of course. But that’s only half the battle. What is too often forgotten when conducting a mission-critical meeting is the work that has to be done after the fact. Capitalizing on meeting momentum is something we pride ourselves on. And we differentiate ourselves in the offsite category with tools like digital data capture and benefits like post-meeting follow-ups and reporting and advice on how to distill major meeting outcomes. Read an insightful point of view from our team on how maintaining momentum should always be a part of your team’s plan.