Team Spaces


Give your team every advantage.


Is your group looking for short-term project space or a temporary office? Workspring supports teams involved in:

  • client-based engagements
  • offsite audits and depositions
  • project synthesis and presentation preparation
  • focused innovation and creative ideation
  • first-step expansion in a new region


Customized solutions accommodate groups of up to 20. Private suites include the creative tools, user-friendly technology, ergonomic furniture, and onsite support necessary to engage in high quality collaboration. Teams enjoy all the benefits of membership, including:

  • creative tools & work supplies
  • a/v & wifi
  • ergonomic furniture
  • concierge & guest reception
  • energizing snacks
  • coffees, teas, sodas & juices
  • basic printing, copying & scanning
  • mail & notary services
  • meeting & event discounts
  • day passes for guests
  • invitations to hosted events
  • private enclave access


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