Why we’re so distracted in the workplace

Attention spans are shortening and productivity is being challenged by technology advances, the births of communication platforms, and the need to stay on top of all of those messages from the dozens of apps on our phones.

Workspring captured the top reasons why we may be distracted within the workplace. From private enclaves to sound-proof phone booths, our workspace is designed with distractions in mind for your meetings and training sessions.

Steelcase’s latest publication titled “Think Better” from their 360° magazine covers what attention span and distractions mean to the workplace. Read the full article here.


3 minutes

How frequently the average office worker is interrupted or distracted
University of California, Irvine

23 minutes

How long it takes to return to a task after being interrupted
University of California, Irvine

204 million

Emails sent per minute


Average number of windows open on worker’s computer at the same time
“The Overflowing Brain: Information overload and the limits of working memory,” Torkel Klingberg


Average number of times per hour an office worker checks their email inbox
National Center for Biotechnology Information

221 times

How often the average smartphone user in the UK checks their phone every day

4.9 billion

Connected devices in use in 2015

200 percent

Increase in average time spent on mobile devices since 2012

49 percent

Workers who can’t choose where to work depending on the task
Steelcase wellbeing study, global average of 17 countries

It’s well said that a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and most workers are now living that mental skirmish every day.

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