Introducing Thread – Power Made Simple

Our Sales & Program Specialist, Ashley Stiefel, spent time during her internship with Steelcase on this product. Here, she writes about its success and how it ties with Workspring!

With a new season come new changes! Workspring is excited to announce that we will be installing Thread from Steelcase this fall. As tech devices have become more and more prevalent in the workplace, so has the need for power. The modern business professional carries the traditional notepad and pen, a laptop or tablet, and a smartphone in their briefcase, and also chargers for all of their devices. However, it’s not always easy to find convenient places to charge, which is where Thread comes in.

Thread 3

Thread was designed with accessibility in mind – to be located wherever power is needed. Unlike other power solutions that require labor-intensive (and expensive) installations via coring or drilling into the floor, Thread’s power track lies at less than a quarter inch and is installed underneath carpet. From there, it connects to power hubs that bring power exactly where you need it.

Thread 2

Not only does Thread’s sleek and modern aesthetic fit with Workspring’s space, but its flexibility also works perfectly with our ever-changing space. As we rearrange our space based on guests’ requests and work needs, we’ll be able to conveniently provide power within an arm’s reach. Workspring always tries to anticipate our clients’ needs and Thread will be one more way we can simplify the offsite work experience to help our guests be accomplished.

Thread 1

Thread has received buzz from a wide variety of industries in the last few months and was recently awarded the Best of Neocon Silver in June. We’re eager to have it installed at Workspring in a few months!

For more information or to book a tour of our space, call us at 800 605 9093 or email us at

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