Work Hospitality®


A high-performing, well-appointed space is just the beginning. At Workspring, we take pride in uncovering, understanding, and serving your mission-critical objectives. It’s what we mean by Work Hospitality®.

Work Hospitality® shapes dynamic meeting experiences—with bite-sized insights, clear processes and protocols, hands-on tools and frameworks, and guided facilitation—to engage all participants and achieve team goals faster.


Effective Meetings Toolkit

starting at $109

Need a step-by-step roadmap for meeting success? The Effective Meetings Toolkit helps meeting managers, facilitators, and participants an actionable meeting plan to drive higher performance, better outcomes, increased speed, and unforgettable team experiences.


Data Capture

starting at $24

Tasked with taking great notes? Consider our Digital Note Capturing service. We turn brilliant whiteboard and flipchart ideas into actionable, shareable documents. Or try Graphic Recording with an illustrator to bring critical insights and objectives to life as you speak!


Meeting Facilitation

starting at $250

Planning a generative meeting with lots of team-oriented ideation? Experienced facilitators will engage your group in warm-up activities, break-out sessions, brainstorming, storytelling, storyboarding, and more. Plus, enjoy 50% off the Effective Meetings Toolkit. You’ll effortlessly accomplish more. Click here to read more about Facilitation Services at Workspring.


Get started today! Download a brochure or call 800 605 9092 to schedule your next session with Work Hospitality®.