3 Ways to Leverage Your Company History


By Bruce Weindruch, CEO & Founder of The History Factory

Start with the Future and Work Back

Thirty years ago our clients helped us see that The History Factory wasn’t really about their history. It was about their future.

We realized that we were in the business of curating the heritage content we were archiving for clients and using it to meet their needs for planning for the future. And that this needs-based use of heritage content could serve multiple constituents, from the c-suite to corporate communications and human resources. That’s when we coined the phrase that has been our guiding principle ever since. Start with the Future and Work Back. ™

With many great lessons to be learned from using heritage content, here’s just a few that are important to keep top-of-mind:

  • Using heritage content is what separates successful companies from the rest of the pack. Having a thorough archive means organizations have valuable assets and records that can be used to drive authentic storytelling. .
  • Understanding what is most essential to an organization today will help them get to tomorrow. Using the heritage content allows organizations to differentiate themselves in the current marketplace. .
  • In times of change leaders can utilize storytelling to demonstrate how the organization successfully navigated similar challenges. Doing so can not only manage stakeholder concerns, but also bolster confidence in the organization’s direction and leadership.

These key insights into the importance of heritage content couldn’t be more relevant today. The impact of content hinges on use. You own your history. Put it to good use.

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