Doing your best work ever

How well do you know your work-self? How often do we leverage what or where inspires us the most in a work setting, or even outside? At Workspring, we asked a team who had a working session in one of our studios the questions below to gain more insights on inspiration, creativity, and what defines success. We learned that most of the answers are unique to the individual. How would you answer these questions?

What inspires you the most?

People doing the impossible.
The sun rising first thing in the morning.
Overcoming a challenge!
Creating art.
People doing more than me with less than me.

Where are you the most creative?

In sweatpants on my sofa.
On the Red Line.
3am in my room.
Around my coworkers.
Right before bed.
At a piano with a glass of wine.
On my bike.
2am on a stage or in my bedroom.
Depends on my mood.

How would you define success?

Building something I’m proud of.
Achieving higher than the goal.
When I’ve set a goal and achieved it.

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