Departure from Chicago Ideas Week



I had the pleasure of attending Edison Talks on Thursday, October 17th for Chicago Ideas Week (CIW). This, being my first experience with CIW, was rewarding, motivational and inspirational. I enjoyed hearing all the speakers articulate what the theme “Departure” meant to them and how it has shaped who they are and where they are today.

Hearing the word “Departure” reminds you of an airport, leaving a place and arriving at another, or the start of a new journey; however, in some cases it’s not always easy to depart. Hence, it was interesting to hear how a simple word has had such an impact in the lives of others and how they have survived departing from what they knew to be a way of life.

CIW did an outstanding job in staging the path of “Departure.” Grant Hill’s morning interview was on career transition, departing from one position to another, which hit close to home for me as I’m currently in a phase of departure in my life and career. I recently joined the Workspring team, therefore, I could identify with the fears that come along with a change or departure.

The series of talks elicited great emotions from me. When a CIW Youth Ambassador, Joseph Jones, shared his story on how he is fighting to make a difference in his life and not succomb to his environment truly inspired and humbled me. “Depart from who you think you are and become who you are” are such profound words from a young man!”

Initially, I didn’t fully comprehend the “Departure path” until Charity Tillemann-Dick and Jessica Buchanan took the stage and spoke on death. Both women’s stories impacted me profoundly. They took us on a journey of difficult times in their lives and narrated how they were brushed with death, which at that moment made me truly count my blessings. It reconfirmed that life is genuinely about enjoyment and being happy.

My promise to myself after being a part of such an amazing experience is to not be afraid of departure! I have learned that departing from situations can truly open up other avenues to becoming better.

Luciana Clark joined Workspring in September 2013 as a Sales Consultant.  Lu is relationship driven and committed to providing exceptional service for guests while creating a memorable experience. In her spare time, she finds joy and fulfillment in spending time with her 11-year-old daughter and enjoying monthly girls’ night out.