Designing a Session at Workspring – part 2

Workspring takes pride in our ability to create purposeful meeting spaces and experiences. We’re purpose-built from research from Steelcase and our customer’s needs. At our downtown Chicago location, we’re confident that we can not only provide you with the best offsite meeting space in Chicago for progressive work sessions, but also the knowledge to help design your session. Read some of our insights as you design your team’s next Workspring session.

Effectively manage traveling or out of town groups.

It’s easy to travel these days. As corporations expand, not only is offsite workspace needed for meetings, but bed space is oftentimes needed. At Workspring, we have established hotel partners and can help with accommodations. We have car service if you need it, directions and maps to explore the city or arrive at Workspring via public transportation. We can arrange dinner or event reservations and other fun things to see and do. We’ve even set up city scavenger hunts!

Did you know? Many of our studio setups do not have a “head of the table” seat. This gives a sense of democracy and encourages each participant to have a voice.

External speakers, experts and facilitators can support meeting objectives.

If you’re new or seasoned to leading strategy sessions, consider bringing in a third party expert. We have established relationships with a number of different speakers, experts, and facilitators who work with us and our clients regularly. Sometimes an outside perspective or voice can help teams achieve a breakthrough in thinking or discussion.

Mix up a group, add energy or eliminate the “status quo.

Mix in out-of-the-box activities into your sessions and be purposefully disruptive. We can help organize activities like yoga that gets people centered, inspire your team, team-building games that help them get to know each other better, and simple wake-up activities, perfect after lunch. You can lead these activities yourself or we will happily lead them for you!

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