Designing a Session at Workspring – part 1

Workspring takes pride in our ability to create purposeful meeting spaces and experiences. We’re purpose-built from research from Steelcase and our customer’s needs. At our downtown Chicago location, we’re confident that we can not only provide you with the best offsite space in Chicago for progressive work sessions, but also the knowledge to help design your session. Read some of our insights as you design your team’s next Workspring session.

We believe that the space should conform to your needs, not the other way around.

Ensure that the furniture is highly ergonomic, ensuring all day or multi-day comfort. At Workspring, our furniture is all made by Steelcase and is flexible, allowing you—or our team—to change the room throughout the session to best accommodate different activities. We even have spaces for the things we know happen every day, like quick phone and video calls.

Using meals and snacks as part of your meeting design.

Healthy meals, snacks, and beverages are included with every Workspring session. We cater to special dietary needs and allergies with advanced notice. We also consider when, where, and how to serve food and beverages. Meals and snacks can be a purposeful disruption to help you better manage your session. We can even incorporate fun add-ons like sushi rolling to encourage team-building!

Did you know? When you post your agenda in the space, you have a 70% chance of completing it, but if you don’t, that number falls below 60%.

Decisions around in-room technology.

How do you want participants to interact? Will they present, listen, and/or collaborate? Each of our studios includes integrated, user-friendly technology that allows you to control your meeting experience. We offer a variety of technology, from proprietary digital collaboration tools to projectors, in-room audio and temperature control systems, Polycoms, robotics, and more. HD video conferencing is offered at an additional cost, to help you connect with remote participants.

In-studio tools and techniques.

To help structure, capture, and communicate your offsite discussions. Workspring has a variety of tools set in the room already, like paper, pens, and sticky notes in various colors. Sticky notes can help you organize thinking during your session and speed-up synthesis later. We stock other tools, like Gatorboard®. Do you use frameworks in your sessions? If so, we can have them printed and placed on your studio walls. Note, our Innovation Studio is stocked with even more props and tools to help your team accelerate ideation and collaboration.

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