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Thoughtfully-staged meeting environments help fuel corporate innovation by creating more meaningful and engaging experiences for your team. Contact Workspring today to learn how we can create customized offsite meeting spaces and inspire your team to reach new heights.

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The insights behind "Stage spectacular meetings"

It’s not “new news” that companies are striving to find more innovative ways to get the most out of their employees—especially when it comes to collaboration. However, new research has further confirmed “the myth of the lone genius achieving one eureka after another in a closed room is a cartoonish, outdated cliché.” In our case, Workspring is extending that research to each and every one of our workspaces—from flexible room arrangements and customizable room dividers to multiple hi-def screens, video conferencing capabilities and furnishings that inspire creativity. In short, we optimize space and place to set the stage for real, measurable progress. Learn more about “How Place Fosters Innovation” by reading the white paper.