Holiday Activity: Creativity Experiment Results

How do you generate creativity? Workspring hosted a creativity activity over the Holidays. We ended up seeing a lot more than creative, collaborative fun. Participants were given a printed note card upon entering the space and directed to complete three creative activities: Holiday Mad Libs, Add a Line, and Add a Picture. After the participants completed the activities, they had to rate each activity. Below are the results:

3rd Place: Holiday Mad Libs – a game where you get a story with missing words. Below the blanks spaces are grammar categories to guide the writers. This activity ranked 3rd in popularity with 7 out of 38 participants ranking it the best game. See the picture below:

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2nd Place: Add a Line – participants were required to add a line to the first sentence to create a complete story. Each participant could only write one sentence. This activity scored 14 out of 38 points for popularity.

1st Place: Add a Picture – the most popular activity that came as a surprise to us. Add a Picture is similar to Add a Line, except participants had to create a storyboard using pictures instead of sentences. 17 out of 38 participants thought this was the best game. See the picture below:


Most meetings involve creating new concepts, goals, or product ideas. How do we maximize our full potential when it comes to collaboration and creating innovative ideas? According to this creative experiment, we found that people seem to like more visual activities when it comes to creativity. Why? It took longer to draw a detailed picture than to write one word, or one sentence. Maybe the participants remembered the more visual activity where they could tap more into their senses. Next time you have a meeting, consider grabbing a few flip charts with vibrant markers. Flock near a white board. Get out those tablets and styluses. At Workspring, we’re all about providing the creative tools you need during any kind of meeting. Meetings can be more creative and productive when going outside the box. Start off 2015 with innovative meetings with a healthy mindset.

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