Introducing Effective Meetings Toolkit


Did you know that Americans spend an average of 40% of each workday in meetings? The cost of this effort amounts to an estimated $47 billion annually.

So often, these meetings are arranged without a clear purpose or measurable objectives. Effectiveness is determined by the quantity of agenda items and the amount of time spent. Participants leave without a sense of accomplishment or a set of actionable next steps.

Work Hospitality is about uncovering, understanding and serving your mission critical objectives and expectations. Workspring provides work insights, methods, tools, services and solutions to make your time here most effective.

We understand it’s easy to fall into an unproductive trap. To help  groups overcome common meeting challenges, we’ve developed the Effective Meetings Toolkit. Based on research and insights around collaboration, it is designed to help you create extraordinary meeting experiences with an array of smart work tools and simple strategies to drive a clear course of action.

Workspring has long stood out to its guests as a premium work experience. We reach beyond just work space and understand that compelling work experiences are always desired. The most successful meetings require deep engagement, innovation for teams and active participation from all attendees. These sessions are often grounded by meaningful facilitation and a thoughtfully designed experience.

Understanding our guests’ needs and challenges is the key to providing our signature supportive services that foster better collaboration and productivity, and is the cornerstone of our Work Hospitality®.

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