Invite Innovation

Invite Innovation into your next session!

Disrupt the norm. Breakout and transform your thinking at Workspring! Choose from one of our three tailor-designed Innovation spaces at Workspring to take your thinking to new levels. Now through May 26th give your teams access to a full range of innovation tools, tips, and resources. Mention the Invite Innovation Promotion and enjoy these complimentary creative additions: Innovation cart, Digital Data Capture, Sample Outline and Pre-Design Facilitation Services.

Workspring helps teams unlock their true potential, providing business leaders with innovative offsite meeting experiences purposefully designed and hosted to produce breakthrough results that drive business forward. Contact us to discover more about elevating your team to innovative levels.

“Workspring helped us achieve our results and had a positive impact on our team. I would definitely recommend it as a space for the taking time to be creative, to be thoughtful, and to foster team spirit.” – Barbara Martin Coppola – Chief Marketing Officer, Grubhub

Terms and Conditions

Event bookings to exceed 1.5 day minimum booking requirement,

meeting must be booked and take place before 5/26/17

cannot be applied to previously confirmed or past events

after hours and weekends do not apply

offer is transferrable within an organization

Workspring reserves the right to alter terms and conditions at any time.

transferrable to colleagues within your company

Contact our dedicated sales team at or call 800 605 9092 for more information.