Six Dimensions of Wellbeing in the Workplace

CEOs and other executives value employees who are collaborative, communicative, creative and flexible. Increasingly, leaders are realizing that fostering these skills requires a new strategy: a rigorous focus on employee wellbeing. Steelcase, Workspring’s parent company, recently released new research on workplace wellbeing. These learnings reveal how organizations can enhance wellbeing, drive business performance, and see big results.

So you know wellbeing is critical, but how can your organization better support this cause today? Consider offering the following.

A Palette of Place: an ecosystem of interrelated zones that provide users with a range of spaces that support various modes of work. For example, at Workspring, users choose between private Meeting Studios and Enclaves; informal meeting touchdowns in the Forum and Oasis; Phone Booths for phone and video calls; and the Library’s quiet work zone.

A Palette of Posture: a range of solutions that encourage people to sit, stand, and move while supporting multiple technologies. Have you ever tried meeting at a standing-height table with stools? What about writing emails at height-adjustable workstation or treadmill desk? Subtle (and not-so-subtle!) shifts in posture can instantly boost energy and focus.

A Palette of Presence: a range of mixed-presence experiences (physical and virtual) in workplace destinations designed to augment human interaction. Looking for a new place to boost creativity and productivity? Call Workspring at 800.605.9092 to schedule a complimentary day of Coworking.

Interested in learning more? Click here to learn more about the six dimensions and how small changes to your physical environment can foster collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility.

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