A Taste of TED2014 from Vancouver


Working at the TED conference has been a highlight of my past few years.

Before this year’s conference, I was talking with a friend who feels that TED participants take themselves too seriously. He thinks it’s full of big ideas and no action. To be honest, it made me question my excitement. I thought the magic would be gone for me. Would I find the same inspiration I had experienced in years past? Had my enthusiastic and romantic mind been poisoned? 

I was wrong.

For the past four years, Workspring has had the honor of creating and supporting a large, highly hosted meeting space at TED. Each year, attendees submerge themselves in Technology (how things work), Entertainment (celebrating expression and beauty and what makes us human), and Design (how we might make things better). What a perfect trio to inspire progress and change.

It’s thrilling that so many people from so many different backgrounds can come together with open hearts to learn, share, listen, find inspiration, and better understand themselves and others. There are some answers and lots of questions. There are big challenges, but they are surrounded by hope and light. The fact is, small steps can make a big difference. A big difference can become a global movement.

At the heart of the experience is a curiosity about the state of the world and an examination of our role within it – focusing on what is possible, what could be possible. It satiates what we are hungry for in our day-to-day lives: curiosity and humanity. It calls us to listen and dares us to share what we know, then take action together to impact the world. How can you not feel inspired with that kind of hope abounding?

Cheyenne is the Experience and Brand Coordinator at Workspring. Her focus is on brand experience enhancement and special programs.