Workplace Wellbeing? Why not

It’s hard to be healthy at work. Preparing a Nicoise Salad filled with organic, nutritional ingredients and delicious snacks other than chips and cookies at home can be time consuming and even expensive. And who wants to pick up a $13 lunch from Whole Foods five days a week? Not on my salary.


Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic, but individuals and corporations aren’t making it a way of life. With research pouring out every day on healthy living, it’s important to educate everyone on different ways to stay healthy, especially while at work. But at work, we’re already striving to meet deadlines, finish projects, and putting in extra hours per week to get by – who has time to implement extra efforts to be healthy? There are ways.


This post aims to educate you on different ways you or your company can implement healthy practices within the workplace. Read below for just a few ideas to implement a healthier way of life for you or your company or organization.


Get a Walkstation; sitting is the new smoking. It really is, according to the bountiful supply of new research looking at how humans spend their day. We sit and watch TV. We sit at desks. We sit in our cars or during our daily commute on the train. An article from Runner’s World stated that sitting for excessive periods of time can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even depression—to the point where experts have labeled this modern-day health epidemic the “sitting disease.” What can we do about this issue?


Unplug. Phone’s, tablets, computers, they all help us be more productive; however, when is it too much? When you look down at your phone, forces seen by the neck can reach up to 60lbs (The Atlantic). Imagine your 8-year-old brother sitting on your neck every time you look down at your phone. You don’t have to stop texting all together, but be more mindful about your posture when it comes to technology.


Got a meeting? Take a walk. TED speaker, Nilofer Merchant, gives great insight the reasons why walking during a quick meeting can impact your work and health. “Hey boss! Care to take a walk to discuss my promotion?”


Eat healthy snacks at work. Whether you bring your own, or they’re offered at work, eat healthy snacks. Everyone’s different so it’s important to reflect on what your body needs throughout the day. Need energy foods? Read this article about different snacks that keep you going throughout the day.


A few takeaways:

  • As a business or organization, invest in a Walkstation. If you work from home, learn more about this inexpensive trick.
  • Go for a meeting walk.
  • Make a call instead of text at work.

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