What Workers Want in Their Office


Work is more mobile and global than ever before, and happens around the clock. While some organizations have wondered if they even need a physical workplace anymore, forward-thinking companies have found that people need places that bring them together with other people and with their information.

A recent synthesis of Steelcase Workplace Surveys, conducted with over 265 organizations, found key insights about what workers want from their offices. How can we leverage the workplace to inspire and engage employees?

Lost time
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Age does not matter
Contrast to what most people believe, people of diverse ages may have more similar workstyles than you think. What’s important to employees is cross-generational. There are few differences in where work occurs, or how time is lost or spent at work.
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Collaboration + Individual work
Both individual and collaborative work need to be properly supported in the workplace. Different types of collaboration require different enviornments and tools.
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