Workspring’s Signature Wall

Workspring’s Signature Wall – the focal point in our entryway inspiring questions and encouraging engagement with each other and our brand. The wall brings an “analog break” to our digital world.


Our new signature wall is an analog experience designed to encourage collaboration while at the same time giving us a break from the digital world. By going physical it helps you think differently by flipping the “switch” in your brain from a “screen gazing” world to a real one.
We encourage you to try out the games, make the wall your own (and snap some pictures to share on social media while you’re at it!), and let us know any feedback you might have on how it works, looks, or anything you’d like to see included in the future.
Play the games with a member of your team, or random guests in the space. For instance, throw an x up on the tic tac toe and wait for someone else, or a few someone else’s to play the game with you and inspire your team in the process.

This wall is also a communication tool to share inspirational quotes, fun facts, and other interesting tid bits and in the future – we encourage all of our guests to do this as well. Have fun and Be Accomplished!

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