TED Conference


Workspring—and Steelcase, our parent company—are longtime supporters of TED, fully invested in transforming its event spaces and attendees’ experiences. This annual conference attracts a dynamic roster of speakers and forward-thinking attendees ready to immerse themselves in “ideas worth spreading.”

Workspring at TED provides flexible “pop-up” space to host meaningful meetings and tackle critical work. We help people take care of business without disconnecting from the TED experience.

We know that the experience people have in a space is not just about the style and arrangement of furniture. While that issue must be well-resolved, individuals visiting Workspring also require a rewarding and remarkable experience. So we take a holistic look at the space, focusing on work postures, power and charger access, shareable technologies and whiteboards, music that changes in intensity and volume depending on the work zone, a variety of lighting approaches, and great snacks to help people recharge and revitalize.

Workspring at TED is not just a space to get things done at a conference. It’s a holistic experience designed to help attendees be accomplished.


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