Training Facilitators & Organizations

Employee development is a big investment and can have a major impact on employee performance, retention and business outcomes. Why leave anything to chance?

We exist to deliver value in the training experience that will help you achieve those outcomes.


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Our training support begins at our innovative purpose built and thoughtfully appointed spaces. Every detail, both large and small, from our attentive staff to all-inclusive amenities, is designed from meeting productivity research to make you and your trainees feel enriched—mind, body and soul, allowing for faster retention of the knowledge and higher success of the application of that knowledge.




Our program for Educational Institutions exists to support the live component of a both live and online education class. The Live and Online design allows for maximum retention.

Special pricing is available for programs that involved bringing together students to collaborate and learn from each other for a more impactful education including evenings and weekends.

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There are no hidden costs.

We believe in simple, all-inclusive pricing (based on a per-person rate). Unlike many traditional offsite venues, you will never be surprised by add-ons or fees. This straightforward price covers your space, food and beverage, technology and a/v, supplies, printing, concierge services, and taxes. Check out our special offers or click here to see how our prices compare to other venues.