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Planning large meetings and conferences requires considerable foresight and planning. Does your event provide enough value to keep attendees present and engaged? Are you building opportunities for purposeful networking, creative ideation, and breakthrough innovation?

Workspring Meeting Experiences bring a taste of Workspring’s offsite meeting spaces and services to your event, perfecting one critical, but often overlooked, element of the conferencing planning process. We guarantee increased focus, innovation, creativity, and interaction by delivering premium furniture applications that transform standard spaces into inspiring, engaging environments.

Enlist Workspring Meeting Experiences to:

  • keep participants focused and involved
  • make it easy to step out and quickly step back in
  • get people to talk, connect, and move forward
  • show guests that the event is important and that they are valued participants

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The Spaces

General Sessions
Picture a typical conference. Do rows of linen-covered tables come to mind? Work styles, design sensibilities, and technologies have all progressed. It’s time to push space forward too and accommodate new ways of working, communicating and learning. Intimate spaces with a range of posture choices keep people focused and engaged.

Breakout Sessions
The real work at conferences often happens in small sessions that encourage interaction and conversation. Informed by research on how people learn, communicate, and use tech to share information and solve complex problems, our breakout spaces help individuals and teams do their best work.

Often underutilized, the pre-function areas adjacent to general sessions can help build excitement, encourage interaction, and foster meaningful relationships. Magnetic touchdown settings draw a crowd, leading to longer conversations, higher quality time together, and more strategically valuable outcomes.

Workspring on the Road
With ever-present mobile connections and increasingly lean organizations, participants often step out of general sessions to take a call, conduct an interview, or recharge after a flight from the other side of the world. Building upon our insightful, fully hosted work centres, Workspring on the Road provides a special “pop-up” workspace for conference participants. It’s an experience purpose-built to help individuals and small groups engage in short, important conversations; keep special commitments; and be accomplished away from the office.



  • “I love the buzz in the room!”
  • “I’m new, and the room has helped me connect with more people.”
  • “I’m having really good 1:1 conversations.”
  • “The chairs and beanbags make for better, more intimate conversations.”
  • “I wish my office was like this; I’d get so much work done!”